D67A08E2-20F2-4A1C-8000-F14196AECCA3I am Anton Hamilton, photographer and creator of The Anton Project. Formally of New Jersey and New York City, I currently reside in the Greater Boston metropolitan area. My photographs are inspired by a variety of architectural, landscape and humanistic viewpoints.

My photographs have been exhibited mostly in and around the New York City metropolitan area as well as: LACDA (Los Angeles); Brick Lane Gallery (London); Artwalk (Portland, Maine); Art in the Park (Piermont, NY); Artwalk (Montclair Center Business Improvement District, Montclair, NJ); Design On a Dime (Housing Works, New York City); and most recently, The Curated Fridge (Boston).

I created The Anton Project to share my passion for photography in a black and white dimension with a monochromatic theme. I hope my photographs inspire and challenge viewers to see the world from relatable standpoints.

Prints of my work are available on in Smoke City, a photobook collection of works by artists around the world. The Anton Project can also be purchased on